Douspt wheel Brush

Wire Wheel Brush Introduction

Douspt wheel Brush
Douspt wheel Brush


According to different use types, shapes and materials, steel wire wheels can be divided into: copper plated steel wire paint remover,  copper plated steel wire paint remover,  stainless steel wire paint remover, stainless steel wire paint remover, stainless steel wire paint remover, pipeline brush, pipe brush, pipe wheel brush, deburring grinding wheel, deburring wheel, twisted wire disc wire wheel, twisted wire flat wire brush and twisted wire bowl shaped steel wire

Wheel Wire Brush Storage

1. Move and Storage:

1.1 The steel wheel must be handled carefully.

1.2 The steel wheel shall be stored to prevent moisture, and shall be stacked horizontally on the wooden base plate or wooden frame, and the stacking height shall not exceed 1.2m.

1.3 The package of the steel wheel can only be opened before use. If it can not be used once, it should be sealed and stored.

2. Installation of steel wire brush

2.1 When loading and unloading the steel wheel, the power or air source of the main engine must be cut off.
2.2 The protective cover shall be installed firmly to prevent the broken metal body from splashing on the operator or others.  
2.3 Put the cam flange on the power shaft and insert it into the steel wheel, and then use the special tool to tighten the nut. Pay attention to the cam flange facing the steel wheel and the tightening direction of the nut.  

3. Use of Steel Wheel
3.1 Please use the specified safety cover, wear protective work clothes, safety mask and protective gloves.  
3.2 Check whether the main engine (pneumatic, electric) solid, hand-held polishing machine is consistent with the type of steel wheel used.

3.3 Please use it within the allowable safety factor linear speed range of steel wheel.  
3.4 When a new steel wheel is installed, it should be rotated for 3 minutes in order to throw away the remaining broken wire on the periphery of the product. In use, it is not allowed to impact too much, but to maintain a long service life, so as to avoid danger.

4.Technical Standard for Quality Inspection of Steel Wheel
4.1 The appearance is smooth and the steel wire brush is evenly distributed without local wire shortage.  
4.2 100 * 10 * 20 cup type steel wheel, with 3 mm thick A3 steel material in the center.  
4.3 The. maximum working line speed is 60 m / s, the working speed is 11465 R / min, and the test of high-speed rotary machine is 1.5 times.

4.4 Different centrality of steel wheel is ≤ 0.40mm.

5. Splint: Material: 08F, 1.2mm thick.  
6. The steel wire brush of steel wheel: specification? 0.3 ~ 0.4mm, mixed ratio production. Material: mechanical properties meet the yb248-64 Ⅱ α group standard,? 0.3 ~ 0.4mm. The tensile strength of the steel wire brush is (э b) = 225 ~ 270Kg / mm2;? 0.4 steel wire brush is (э b) = 220 ~ 265kg / mm2. The breaking force is 50% of the non knot breaking force.

With the continuous development of Chinese industry, industrial brush is also an indispensable part of some industrial machinery and equipment.

Applications of  steel wire brush wheel

The following is the use description of steel wheel: the material selection for steel wheel

application: the proper selection of steel wheel should be selected according to the physical and chemical properties of the treated material, such as surface finish and hardness of the material;

the appropriate wire brush material shall be selected according to the working condition

The shape of brush is selected according to the conditions;

the size and speed of brush specifications are calculated according to the process parameters.

In general, the larger the diameter of the circular brush, the better the effect.

Under the same diameter, the shorter the brush wire, the stronger the grinding force, the longer the brush wire, the weaker the grinding force.

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