Weeding Wheel Brushes

The Wheel Brushesweeding wheel is also known as the solid grinding abrasive, the weeding wheel is a binding agent to the general abrasive solidified into a certainly shape (mostly round, the center has through holes), and has the certainly strong solid grinding abrasive.

It is generally composed of abrasives, binding agents and pores, which are often referred to as the three elements of solid abrasives.

According to the different classification of binding agents, the common are ceramic (binding agent) herbicide wheel, resin (binding agent) herbicide wheel, rubber (binding agent) weeding wheel.

The weeding wheel is the largest amount of abrasives, the most widely used one, when using high-speed rotation, can be metal or non-metallic work parts of the outer circle, inner circle, plane and various types of surfaces, such as rough grinding, semi-fine grinding and fine grinding, as well as slotting and blocking.

Transfer and Store.

  1. Weeding wheel belongs to fragile items, transfer it is necessary to pay attention to light, to prevent cracking and harm.
  2. Grinding wheel should be stored on the shelf or box, to prevent moisture.
  3. Resin binding agent weeding wheel is not suitable to touch with alkali substances, storage time span of more than a year, it is necessary to pass the reverse strength test, qualified people can be used.

Weeding Whell Security Requirements.

  1. The diameter of the weeding wheel cassette shall not be less than one-third of the diameter of the grinding wheel of the equipment. The diameter of the weeding wheel card plate used to intercept the grinding wheel shall not be less than one quarter of the diameter of the grinding wheel being used by the equipment.
  2. Any method of weeding wheel card plate, the diameter of the left and right parts and the radial width of the pressing surface and other norms are necessary to be equal.
  3. The appearance of the weed wheel plate should ensure smoothness and no sharpness, and balance super.
  4. Grinding machinery on all inverse parts, such as: weeding wheel, motor, belt wheel and work parts head rack, it is necessary to set up a protective cover. The shield should be robust and its joint strength shall not be lower than that of the shield.

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