Wheel Brushes

Wire wheel brushes can help simplify tasks like polishing, deburring, removing rust or paint, blending, or simply cleaning. 

Twisted Knot Brushes and Crimped wire wheel Brush

Item: Wire Wheel Brushes

Advantages of wire wheel brush

  • Wire wheel brush is available to fit on portable angle grinders,large-angle binders, pneumatic grinders etc.
  • Useful tools to remove rust
  • Ideal to clean rust, painting, welding burs.
  • reliable quality, good performance.

Ideal for the following Applications:

  • thread cleaning
  • edge blending and finishing
  • cleaning and polishing
  • removing rust, scale and carbon
  • cleaning boiler tubes
  • aerospace and nuclear applications
  • cleaning molds, dies and extruder barrels

Fields of Applications:

Wire Wheel Brushes are widely used for Processing of Automotive Metal Parts, Deburring of Precision Parts of Mobile Phone, Deburring of electronic components, Mold polishing, Grinding of Wood Products, Auto parts, engine surface, stone, aluminum, plastic parts, wood carving

Wheel Brushes Products:

There are many types wheel brushes, such as standard twist knot wire wheel, single row, two rows, 4 rows, and many different shapes of wheel brushes as belows.

Wheel Brushes Drawing:

Wheel Brushes Specifications:

D(mm)d(mm)A(mm)T(mm)R.P.M (max.)
More sizes can be custmized.

Different types Wheel Brushes

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