Hand Brushes

Hand Wire Brush includes cutter brush, industrial wire brush, wood wire brush, and other various hand tools brush, mainly applicable to the gap and groove in industrial production, such as the corner of a variety of complex environment clean cleaning and surface treatment.

Selectable types: Metal wire ( Steel stainless / Brass steel / Carbon steel wire)

Products: Different Hand Brushes,Brass Wood handle Wire Brushes, Stainless Handle Wire Brushes , Stainless Wire+PP handle


Brush Material:

  1. Steel stainless wire
  2. Brass steel wire
  3. Carbon steel wire

Handle Material:

  1. Plastic Handle, it is can be any color.
  2. Wooden Handle , also can be any color.

Dire of wire Customized (0.3MM,0.35MM,0.5MM)
Size as requests.

20″Container quantity:12pcs to one box, 10 boxes to one carton . 600 cartons to one container for your reference

Length out Customized(275mm,280mm,295mm,300mm)

Supply Ability: 50000 pieces per Week

Delivery Time: 15-20days one container

Wooden Handle Wire Brush

With Good Service,high quality with competitive price,we have many models for you to choose from.

Plastic Handle Wire Brushes

Hand Brushes Applications:

  • Machining Centre’s – VMC / CNC /HMC
  • Special Purpose Machine’s
  • Milling mark removal
  • Edge Radiusing
  • Surface Enhancement with improvement in Ra value
  • Large Flat Area DeBurring
  • Rust removal

Our Advantages

  1. We offer high-quality hand wire brushes for standard applications, As well heavy and super duty applications.
  2. All of our wire wheel brushes provide uniform brushing action.
  3. It’s best suited for appearance finishing, Edge blending, Cleaning, and polishing.
  4. It has high flexibility that gives an efficient result and it is perfect for safe operations.
  5. It reduces wire fatigue when it absorbs vibration and even bending.
  6. Contact us to learn more about our selection of wire wheel brushes.

More Products can be customized.

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