End Brushes

end brushes

End Brushes ideal for clean castings and blends edges can deburr, clean castings, blend edges and surfaces, etc.

Wire end brushes are intended primarily for use on high-speed portable power tools for addressing smaller surfaces and recessed areas.

Material: Brass , Steel, Stainless wires

End Brushes Features:

Name: Twist Knot Wire End Brushes/Crimped wire end brushes (Stainless Steel)
Application: Perfect for small area applications such as pipeline cleaning.Description: Designed with low to medium twist knot flexibility for aggressive brushing and long life.
Comments: Twist Knot construction provides high-impact brushing for faster removal rates on tougher jobs.
Suitable For: General uses include removal of rust, weld slag, scale, coatings, gaskets, and surface contaminants. Also can be used in CNC equipment maintenance/cleaning.


  • Remove burrs, rust, dust, removing the oxide layer.
  • The coating can improve the quality of the metal stone, economy, high efficiency.
  • For different angles of wood, metal materials, etc. polishing and grinding all kinds of a rough surface.
  • Durable, long service life.

Twist Knot Wire End Brush

Crimped Wire End Brushes

Crimped wire end brushes feature a solid end construction and very flexible brushing action ideal for demanding light-duty cleaning applications in corners and hard-to-reach areas.

end brushes

End Brushes Specifications:

D(mm)ΦS(mm)T(mm)R.P.M (max.)


  1. The Ideal shape for hard to reach areas polishing
  2. Removing excess rubber from rubber to metal bonded parts
  3. Removing residues of adhesive, hard scale rust, and paint polishing welds
  4. Multi-purpose brushes for light and medium polishing jobs

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