Cup Brushes

Twist Wire Polishing Cup Brush

Cup Brushes used for heavy duty cleaning of large metal surfaces and edge blending. Easily and smoothly removal of burrs, spatter, weldscale and rust or condition your steel.

Wire cup brushes are more efficient than a wheel brush for large areas. Cup brushes featuring a threaded nut are designed for smooth, efficient operation on angle grinders to make quick work of large jobs.

Cup Brushes
Cup Brushes
wire cup brushes
wire cup brushes
ΦD (mm)G (mm)T(mm)R.P.M (max.)
65M10*1.25 M10*1.5
M14*2 5/8″ -11NC
75M10*1.25 M10*1.5
M14*2 5/8″ -11NC
100M14*2 5/8″ -11NC258500
125M14*2 5/8″ -11NC306500
150M14*2 5/8″ -11NC324500
CUP Brushes Specifications

Color:Yellow/Red/Blue etc.

Cup Brushes Feature 

  • Heavy-duty cleaning of large metal surface
  • Weld scale and corrosion removal
  • Cleaning scale and corrosion, rust and paint removal
  • Crimped wire higher flexibility for light cleaning and removal
  • Cleaning especially on irregular surface

Package Included
1 * Package can be customized
1 * Standard Package by Canton.

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Large Production for the Cup Brushes