How to do correctly when use wheel brush?

What do you pay attention to when using a wire wheel brush?

Wire wheel brush has polishing, de-fouling, de-rusting, de-burring and other usages, and to remove the welding surface stains, carbon scale, the appearance of rust and paint, the effect is better.

The following wire wheel brush, twisted wire wheel brush and crimped wire wheel brush manufacturers say what to pay attention to in the process of use of wire wheel brush?

(1) The diameter of the wire does not exceed 7 inches.

(2) The length of the wire determines the degree of grinding.

(3) The wider the brush surface of the wire wheel, the greater the friction.

(4) The higher the number of wires, the higher the density, the faster the cutting and brushing speed.

(5) Generally in the operation of the large speed is lower than the safety factor of the wire wheel, so that the operator and the wire wheel life is longer. Save power while improving job rates and efficiency.

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