How should I choose the Wire Wheel brush ?

The first time I saw the wire wheel brush, should be able to its composition of the heart, wire wheel brush is actually arranged on the wire wheel full of wire. Yes, the focus of the wire wheel brush is on the wire, in order to choose a good wire wheel brush must work hard from the wire. Perhaps many people still don’t know how to choose the brush wire on the wire wheel. Below, wire wheel brush, twisted wire wire wheel brush and curved wire wire wheel brush manufacturers to simply introduce it to you!

1, look at the packaging logo. General wire packaging has labels, can be through the process to see the outer packaging logo experience wire diameter and number of eyes.

2, look at the roughness outside. The number of sights of the wire is used to indicate the coarseness of the grinding sand, the greater the granularity, the smaller the value.

3, depending on the industry. Each industry needs the wire varieties are not the same, is to distinguish between.

4, look at the color. The metal wire does not add any dye, so the wire shows its own color.

5, look at the sample. Be able to pass through the sample first to experience the wire related common sense.

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