Crimped Wire Flat Wire Wheel Brush

Crimped wire flat wire wheel brush is also known as a steel nail wheel. In tire re-repair, it refers to the wheel with nail thorn (wire) used to polish the tire and is equipped with a live blade for the tire-turning process. After polishing, make the appearance rough for repair, improve bonding.

Crimped wire flat wire wheel brush products can be used in a variety of engineering cranes, metallurgical mining equipment, oil field shafts, port railway loading and unloading, forestry machinery, electrical equipment, aviation and maritime, land transport, engineering rescue, salvage shipwrecks, factory and mining enterprises lifting, lifting, traction rope.

Crimped wire flat wire wheel brush handling and storage.
1, wire wheel need to take it lightly when moving.

2, wire wheel storage should prevent moisture, should be stacked on paperboard or wooden frame, stacking height does not cross 1.2 meters is appropriate.

3, the packaging of the wire wheel only allows before the use of open, a used brush needs to seal storage.

The equipment of the curved wire flat wire wheel brush.

1, loading and unloading wire wheel is necessary to block the host power supply or gas source first.

2, protective cover equipment, to prevent the splash of broken metal body on the operator or others.

3, put the cam flange into the power shaft after the wire wheel with special tools to tighten the nut, and pay attention to the cam flange towards the wire wheel, and nut tightening direction.

What’s the must preparation before use the wire wheel brush?

1, Please follow the rules of the safety cover work, put on protective work clothes with safety mask and protective gloves.

2, Check the host (wind, electric) solid, hand-held polishing machine and related steel wheel type is consistent.

3, Please use within the safety factor line speed planning allowed by the wire wheel.

4, in the new installation of steel wire wheel, should be empty for 3 minutes in order to throw clean the product peripheral debris. In the application can not be too strong hit, and adhere to a longer life number to prevent the occurrence of risk.