How to Choose the Right Pool Wire Brushes?

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Pool Cleaning

Pool managers will find that after a period of time, the pool wall will have a layer of moss or stubborn stains, when you need to use pool wire brush to clean the pool, and then draw dirt, or cycle filtering.

Pool brushes are mainly divided into plastic brushes and wire brushes. Their main role is that the bottom of the pool and the pool wall with moss or stubborn stains, the stain absorber can not be help to solve the problems.

You need to use a pool brush to remove stains from the pool wall and clean them with a sink cleaner. Pool brushing is an essential tool for the pool.

Usually , The bristles of the swimming pool wire brush are harder, which makes the wire brush durable and strong de-fouling. But often used more, the pool wall has certain injuries, wire brush de-fouling ability strong advantages, so most of the wire brushes are used in ships, vehicles, rubber, aircraft, petrochemicals, metallurgy, national defense, construction, installation and other industries.

For large areas of metal body embroidery, sand removal, polishing, hair removal, removal of paint ideal tools, wire brush is also suitable for the removal of burr rust removal oxidation layer carbon stains.

For good application in pool, we introduce our pool brushes.

Douspt Pool Brushes Mainly use for the pool floor, bottom and wall cleaning.

Size:10inch, 26cm

Application: Suitable for cleaning of hot spring rooms, saunas, mini-pools or private pools.

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Pool Wire Strip Brushes

Pool brushes can also be used to remove dirt and moss from pool walls, so consider what it is used for when buying pool brushes to determine what size to use, etc.

Wire Brush is the one of the tools for Pool cleaning, we called wire brush, or pool wire brush, it should connect to the telescopic rod for using

Pool brush is a special wire bristles, brush hair thin and even arrangement, can effectively brush the bottom of the pool and the pool wall stubborn moss, the use of the process will not hurt the pool wall and pool bottom.

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