Cup Brushes

Crimped Wire & Knotted/Twisted Wire

end brushes

End Brushes

Crimped Wire & Knotted /Twisted Wire

Wheel Brushes

Crimped Wire & Knotted /Twisted Wire

There are many types of wheel brushes, such as standard twist knot wire wheel, single row, two rows, 4 rows, and many different shapes of wheel brushes as requests.

Wheel brush used more widely. mainly for decarbonization and peeling paint, derusting, decontamination and so on.

Hand brushes


Tube Brushes

For different applications, tube brushes can be divided into fitting brushes, Grill brushes, gun brushes, laboratory brushes, surgical instrument cleaning brushes, plumbing brushes, boiler brushes, chimney brushest.

Diameter from 1mm to 200mm.

Tube Brushes are ideal for cleaning copper plumbing joints, great for removing corrosion from battery terminals, tubing or black pipe

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